Virtual learning is an effective learning platform that supports today’s new work environment. Organizations looking for quality learning experiences no longer see travel as a challenge with the flexibility of a convenient delivery method. The new technology and virtual capability of a virtual delivery platform offers quality and flexibility for organizations looking for what is best for their organization.

The ultimate virtual learning experience for participants will combine the best of adult learning theory with a flexible delivery platform that matches learner preferences and behavior. CEB’s new virtual learning platform vastly improves the traditional e-learning approach because it is social and collaborative in nature, bringing courses to life with the power of network learning and problem solving that is available now due to recent advances in technology.

Virtual development offerings support a premium learning experience through the following:

A guided learning journey
The learning experience is structured so the participant experiences are based on the best of adult learning theory.

A social and collaborative virtual learning platform
Participants are enabled to work and learn with their global peers.

Expert faculty
Expert faculty facilitates conversations on the learning platform during virtual weekly meetings and through discussion forums during the week.

Globally accessible
The virtual platform is always accessible so learners can access the course through any web-enabled device virtually anywhere, even when they are on the go.

Instructors and sponsors are provided participation data to offer clarity on participant engagement and progress through the course.

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