You may know most of this stuff, but there are some good ideas here:

Blended learning is quite effective across a variety of contexts. Schools use it for their students, and companies leverage it during formal training initiatives.

The goal of blended learning is simple: expose learners to content across a variety of channels, primarily in-person and digitally. The entire blended learning concept is what can make flipped classrooms so effective.

Besides saving monetary resources on operational costs, this approach to course delivery encourages learners to spend more time on practical skills training.

But simply setting up a virtual learning environment and expecting it to be successful is not the best way to go about implementing this strategy.

Just like any project, there are certain things that you can do to help maximize your chances of success. Below is a list of six tips (originally shared by Circulus) that you can leverage for your own blended learning implementation.

6 Tips For Successful Blended Learning

1. Plan it out – Hardly any successful endeavor starts without a plan. Define key stakeholders as well as roles & responsibilities for the entire initiative.

2. Set Phase-Gates – Set incremental objectives (goals) and give them dates for completion. This will help you understand if your project is on-track, and what needs to change.

3. Involve Multiple Stakeholders – Don’t just rely on the implementation team, involve people from every stakeholder group (the learners, the instructors, and so forth).

4. Create Clear Goals – Clearly identify the goals of the entire course, the online portion of the course, as well as the live-instruction components. Help learners understand the value of the blended approach within the context of the entire course.

5. Use Contemporary Tools – The system that you use for the online portion of your course will have a direct impact on its effectiveness. Make sure that it is a modern system.

ed-tech Always evaluate what is working and what is not working according to your learners. Modify your offering accordingly based on the feedback received so that you can get the most out of your blended learning program.

…via 6 Blended Learning Success Tips | LearnDash