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Building a culture of learning, not only around video "classes", and the LMS, but the eLearning ecosystem as a whole.

A learning management system is probably mandatory today. Students and Employees have to watch videos of slideshows, and maybe take a quiz.  Dozens of these “courses”, and no interaction with other employees.

What if you could actually make the courses on your LMS interesting? What if each course had a design document that specified the goals of the course, and measured the results.

What if there was a community of learners, all of whom could interact with others with similar interests.  What if there were mentors that could foster and channel professional interests into continual improvement?  What if those mentors and their students could actually drive content with curated submissions?

What if you could build a Culture of Learning?

Developed with the learner in mind....

We all want to provide quality, interesting instructional content to each student. As we know, however, each user is different, learns in different ways, and finds success in differing accomplishments.

Why can’t your educational ecosystem meet the needs of ALL of your users?  Why can’t all the content be appropriate for the individual learners?  Why can’t your learning & performance ecosystem be flexible enough to meet all of these requirements?

"Jack does what's needed for ANY thing you need."
Tom Bracken
Tom Bracken
IT Director

Here’s an example of a new Distributed Learning Portal – CoopValues.com.

Coop Values is an education community for cooperatives designed to compress the path to competency by 50% for coop managers, employees, directors and trustees.

"Jack is the most knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating learning professional in the fields
Smart Solutions for Learning
Cheryl Johnson
Educational Consultant

Learning Revolution

There is no choice left.  Pandemics and virtual meeting technologies have changed the learning domain.  As a result we cannot continue to do things the same way.  Teachers and course creators MUST learn new ways of teaching – new ways of effectively helping students learn and perform to the best of their abilities. Administrators, Department Heads and School officials must lead the way into new learning environments, centered on the student/worker. 

Facilitate the 70-20-10 Model for Learning

The OSF, or On-The-Job, Social and Formal Model for learning and development is a commonly used formula within the training profession to describe the optimal sources of learning by successful managers. It holds that individuals obtain approximately 70 percent of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20 percent from social interactions with others and only 10 percent from formal educational events, like courses.

Most companies or institutions provide education for their employees or students — all the way from a handbook to a “XYX University” of employee training.  Education is mandatory for all employees, and everyone feels that training has done their job.  Lots of hand-shaking all around.  Why, the courses are even “re-freshed” every five or ten years, maybe.

The best employers know that employees/students NEVER stop learning — accurate or inaccurate information, correct or incorrect procedures, every day, in every way, employees and students keep learning.  With portals and learning ecosystems from Learners Circle, you can control the 90% of informal education, and help employees/students find the correct, accurate and  appropriate information for their job.

You can even build support groups, study groups and mentors to improve the experience. We even want employees/student to recommend changes and improvements to the content! After all, who are the BEST subject-matter experts? Those who do the job successfully, safely and productively!

Learners Circle,llc

Create a culture of learning

A culture of learning, or learning culture, is one in which employees continuously seek, share, and apply new knowledge and skills to improve individual and organizational performance.

Learning & Performance Ecosystems

It is user-centric

The primary focus of the learning and f ecosystem is on the users and performers, not on content, process, or technology.

It is part individual and part social.

Components of a learning and performance ecosystem can be used by individuals working alone, or by communities of people of varying sizes who are working together toward a common goal.

It is adaptable.

Each user, or user group, can customize a learning and performance ecosystem in different ways to meet unique requirements. There is no lockstep or single way to do things

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